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What colour should I paint my house?

What colour should I paint my house?

Choosing paint colours can be one of the most infuriating or inspiring times during any home renovation, the choices, the range, it can all direct the way for how the rest of the room will look.

But what if you are a non creative type and the thought of choosing interior paint colours is a chore for you? In this latest blog post we’re looking to provide a little inspiration for those white walls of yours and hope to lead the way for your next spot of interior design.


neutral colour scheme within master bedroom

What type of colour scheme suits your personality?

So first things first, your home is a reflection of you and your personality. This means that the colours you put in to your home are essentially determined by you and your preferences. For example if you are quite slick and understated then a monochrome and minimalist palette in perhaps better suited to you than the bold pop colours of maximalism.

Likewise, if you yourself are quite quirky, then a neutral colour palette will look out of place in your home.

However, if you are looking to be a little daring and experimental, then muted pastel versions of vibrant colours may be the best option for you.


What interior paint colours are popular just now?

Sage green for example is one of the featured colour trends for 2023 and is known to have a calming effect – meaning you get that flash of boldness with some added serenity.

Other on trend options include:

  • Navy Blue
  • Dusk Pink
  • Vintage Browns
  • Yellow


Complementary colours

However if you are looking to accessorise and bring other colours in to the mix you will need to know some basic colour theory. The colour wheel will be your guide for this.

Colours which sit close to one another are considered to be complementary, whilst those opposite are regarded as contrasting.

Therefore if you want to create something harmonious keep colours close to one another, and if you want to have a statement room then go for opposing colours.

Black and white will go with any palette as they don’t appear within the wheel.


find a new home to decorate with your favourite colours

Looking for a new property to decorate?

At Caledonia Bureau Estate Agents we have a number of properties available in Dumbarton, Clydebank and the surrounding areas, meaning we have plenty of homes to choose from.

Whether it’s your very first flat, an investment property or a family home, our team are on hand to help.

Contact us today on 0333 241 3333 or email

Taking on a bathroom renovation

Taking on a bathroom renovation

Whether you have purchased a new home or looking to give a fresh new look to your existing property, quite often the case you will find yourself looking at a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

The most impactful of changes, these are also the two rooms you will most regularly visit, which warrants the level of investment associated.

In this blog we’re focusing on bathrooms, discussing how much you can expect to spend, the top trends this year and the materials you should select.

After all, these types of home improvements can add value to your property when it comes time to sell.


new bathroom designs

How much will a bathroom renovation cost me?

According to bathroom specialists Victoria Plumb, the average bathroom renovation costs around £6,500 in the UK, so it’s best to make sure your making all the right investments at the time.

Hire a professional for any plumbing work and even look to using a joiner for any additional works, by not cutting any corners you avoid any issues further down the lime.

They can even help you to evaluate the space you have available and suggest what you can do to make the most of it, as well as also being able to suggest suppliers they typically use. This can hopefully help you to save money.


What are the most popular bathroom trends for 2023?

And if you’re looking to keep on top of all the latest trends when it comes to your bathroom ideas, HouseBeautiful suggest to keep your eye on the following:

  • Warm brushed metallics
  • Chequerboard tiles
  • Black bathrooms
  • Freestanding baths
  • Spa like finishes
  • Storage solutions to maximise space


Should I buy wet wall or tiles for my bathroom?

But what about when it comes to your wall coverings? That ongoing battle between traditional wall tiles or modern wet wall.

The best way to decide is by debating the time you’re willing to commit, how much you would like to spend and also the look you’re trying to achieve.

Tiles will take longer to dry, leaving your bathroom out of action for longer, they also cover less sqm per tile compared to a wall panel. However a wall panel can compete with the textures and patterns on offer from a ceramic tile.

However when installed correctly both provide the same waterproof protection within your shower and bath areas.


organise a bathroom remodel for your home renovation

Interested in buying a new home?

At Caledonia Bureau Estate Agents we have a number of properties available to buy in Dumbarton, Clydebank and the surrounding areas. Some of which offer great investment opportunities for anyone looking for a renovation project with guaranteed return on spend and more.

Get in touch with our team today on 0333 241 3333 or email

And, if you can’t see something that meets your exact vision, simply give our team the details and let them source that dream home for you.

First time buyer houses for sale Dumbarton

First time buyer houses for sale Dumbarton

At Caledonia Bureau we have extensive knowledge of Dumbarton, Clydebank and the surrounding areas – meaning we are often the first choice locally when it comes to buying or selling your home.

Typically recommended to family and friends, it’s often the case that we help first time buyers find their perfect property and get them on the first step of the ladder. And that’s what today’s guide is all about, highlighting the best and most cost effective opportunities we currently have in our portfolio – both with a market value of under £100,000.


apartment for sale West Dunbartonshire

Glasgow Road, Dumbarton, G82 1RE

Based in West Dunbartonshire, this well presented one bedroom traditional first floor flat is currently the most affordable within our portfolio.

With a market value of offers over £68,000, it is the ideal investment opportunity with large spacious rooms and modern bathroom fittings. In a ready to move in state, you’ll be within walking distance of a wide array of shops and amenities on the High Street and also have Asda and Morrisons Supermarkets nearby.

Click here for more information regarding this one bedroom Dumbarton flat for sale.


two bedroom flat Dumbarton west Dunbartonshire

Williamson Avenue, Dumbarton G82 2AE

A preferred first floor two-bedroom traditional flat within the sought after Williamson Avenue address. This larger property lies across from Dumbarton Common close to Meadow Centre, bus and rail links.

A traditional sandstone tenement, the property keeps its original features and is just a short distance from Dumbarton Town Centre and St James Retail Park. Available from offers over £93,995.

Click here for a full video tour of this two bedroom tenement flat.


2 bedroom persimmon homes flat for sale glasgow

Get in touch with our team regarding our properties for sale

If you are interested in any of the above properties please get in touch with a member of our knowledgable sales team directly.

We are available Monday to Friday on 0333 241 3333 or e-mail to speak to potential buyers and also current homeowners looking to sell their existing property.

And, if you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for, give us details of your ideal location and number of bedrooms and allow us to then do all the work.

Hallway lighting ideas for your home

Hallway lighting ideas for your home

With Spring now here you’ll find your home being able to benefit from the natural light of the brighter days, but there is one area that isn’t as fortunate – your hallway(s).

Hallways can often end up looking a little dark at this time, especially if they don’t feature any windows.

That is why this latest blog post is here to provide you with some hallway lighting ideas for your home.


Naturally invite guests in to your home

Brighter bulbs and overhead lighting are the perfect way to take on any dark hallway, meaning even those with limited space can look larger and more welcoming.

Options to consider include statement lighting, such as exposed bulbs, or a spotlight style.

Really you have to consider the effect you are trying to create and how it complements the rest of your home.

Think of particular dark spots in the area, whether you have high ceilings and how light will reflect in the space. Also consider the width of your hall – too large a lampshade could constrict the room and look out of place.


What if I don’t have the money to spend on new lighting?

However, if you don’t have the money to spend on new lighting, there are other options available to you.

LED systems, such as strip lighting and push lights can be placed discreetly within your hallway at designated points and can do a great job in providing some decorative low lighting.


Add a little flourish with some accessories

Your new inviting atmosphere can be further complemented with the use of accessories such as a small console table, hanging pictures and house plants – all guaranteed to add a little personality and character.

Think about the decor that is used throughout your home, as well as your colour scheme and allow this to inform your decisions.


Looking to find a new home in Dumbarton or Clydebank?

At Caledonia Bureau we specialise in providing quality homes in Dumbarton, Clydebank and its surrounding areas.

With many options available, suited to various budgets, our team are on hand to assist in finding you your dream home.

Get in touch on 0333 241 3333 or e-mail to discuss your requirements.

Quick wins to add value to your home

Quick wins to add value to your home

Are you thinking of selling your home? Here are some quick wins to add value whilst keeping your budget down, helping you to maximise your profits and speed up the time it takes to sell.

Simple decorating solutions

The simplest and cheapest way to transform your home is to redecorate it with a fresh lick of paint. You can do this relatively cheaply if you steer away from designer paints; instead, find a colour you like and have it colour-matched in a low-cost, durable paint formula. Neutral colours are a safer option as they will brighten up a room, making it more extensive and spacious. Although dark colours are on-trend, they can make a home feel smaller.


We all live with minor problems like marks on the wall, tarnished door handles, squeaky floors, mouldy sealant, gaps in floors, broken drawers or scratched paintwork. However, these can give buyers the impression that a home is run down. Try and look at it with fresh eyes and fix any issues – if you have more significant problems, such as dampness or cracks, leave these so that they can be picked up during the survey; otherwise, you can run into difficulties post-sale. Snagging can include

Kerb appeal

The first impression is the most important. With that in mind, ensure your front door is in excellent condition. Consider painting it and buying new door furniture to freshen it up; flowers or plants can go a long way to make your home seem inviting. In addition, make sure you have a clear door number, your outside light works, the fencing is in good order, and you don’t have weeds growing in the front garden.


Remove clutter

Make sure your home is clean and tidy and that you have removed clutter, including bags, shoes, books, magazines, letters, children’s or pet’s toys and plants that have seen better days. If you have anything eclectic, move these out of sight. The aim is to ensure your buyer can see themselves living in the property.


Although we have an energy crisis and are all trying to keep our heating down, make sure your home isn’t cold during viewings. They want to know that your home is cosy and warm and that the central heating is working correctly.


Make sure the property is well-lit without being too stark. Nice warm white bulbs rather than fluorescent lighting are cosy and welcoming. Try to have viewings in daylight and ensure all windows are sparkling clean and curtains are opened to maximise the natural light that comes into the home.


As we’ve mentioned, ensure your front garden is clean, tidy and welcoming. Choose some lovely plant pots – remember you can take these to your new home. For the rear garden, try to demonstrate clear areas for seating and eating, a lawn or play area for children and make sure it looks private, safe and secure with suitable fencing. Trim all the borders, clean the pathways and remove anything overgrown, especially if it affects the light coming into the property. Finally, if you have a summer house, make sure you show it off to its full potential – you could even dress it as an office.

Smart home technology

Smart technology is a must-have for many, especially as it helps you to be more energy efficient. Consider installing a Nest or Hive system and get fibre broadband if it’s available in your area.

Your bathroom

Ensure your bathroom is fresh and clean, and remove all traces of mould or limescale. If you have old taps that have seen better days, consider replacing them with new ones. You could also paint the tiles and replace the shower curtain or screen to smarten it up. Finally, put some scented diffusers in the room and use a nice hand wash.

Sell your home with Caledonia Bureau Estate Agents

Talk to our team if you’d like advice on which more significant projects will add value. We can offer advice on dressing your home to maximise its value and will advise on sold prices in the area.

Common questions about energy bills answered

Common questions about energy bills answered.

Since the rise in energy costs and changes in government support over the last year, many people have questions about their energy bills. Here are some answers to the most common questions, hopefully giving you peace of mind.

Why are energy costs so high?

Following the pandemic and the start of the Ukraine war, a supply shortage has pushed up gas prices. As a result, electricity prices are high because they link to gas prices. Currently, 40% of our energy comes from renewable sources such as wind farms, which is combined with gas-generated electricity, so this is still tied up to the gas price.

Why is my standing charge higher?

Everyone has a fixed daily amount they pay their energy supplier regardless of how much they use. This fee covers your suppliers’ costs, such as maintaining the network, connecting the energy to your property and undertaking meter readings. The Energy Price Guarantee doesn’t cover this fee, and Ofgem sets the limit of what your provider can charge, and it can vary. Some suppliers are increasing this charge.

Are wholesale prices falling?

Recently the wholesale price of gas has fallen. This is because the demand for heating is slightly lower, and countries have been increasing the amount of gas storage with liquified natural gas, reducing dependence on Russian gas. As a result, wholesale gas is now in line with prices before the invasion of Ukraine, but still higher than two years ago. If the demand reduction continues, prices will fall further and become more stable.

Will the energy costs change in April?

The Energy Price Guarantee has been extended until March 2024, helping to reduce the amount people need to pay. However, the £400 payment to help with energy bills in the winter will end, but vulnerable people will receive a cost-of-living payment in the spring.

How can I reduce my bills?

We can all make many small changes to reduce our energy costs. This includes turning electrical items off so they aren’t on standby, turning lights off, reducing the flow temperature of your boiler, using draft excluders, reducing how often you turn on your hot water, taking shorter showers, and heating yourself rather than heating the home.

Good ventilation is also essential to avoid any mould – so don’t block any wall vents, trickle vents or grilles, and if you have mildew or dampness, you need to find out where this is coming from. Check draughts and ensure that you do this before fitting any draft proofing, or you could worsen the problem.

What help is available if I can’t pay my bills

If you can’t pay your energy bills, talk to Citizens Advice, who can advise you on whether you can get additional support through grants or benefits. If you owe money to your supplier, talk to them to find a solution.

I use oil for central heating and hot water. What help is available?

You still qualify for the £400 winter payment if you have an electricity supply. If you can’t afford to buy oil, you could apply for extra financial help. Talk to Citizens Advice.

I haven’t received the £400 discount.

The payment should be made in instalments of £66 in October and November and £67 in December 2022. You’ll also get £67 in January, February and March 2023. How you receive the support will depend on how you pay for your electricity, and there are some differences between suppliers. For example, if you pay by direct debit, it may have been paid directly to the supplier, or you may receive it directly. It should have been credited to your meter if you have a smart metre and prepay for electricity. If you top up using a key or card, you should have received a voucher by email, text or post.

How to Use Your Conservatory Year-Round

How to Use Your Conservatory Year-Round

Many homes in Scotland have a conservatory – it is a great way to bring light into your home and give you a relatively inexpensive additional room which can be used as a sitting room, playroom, sunroom or even a dining room. Many people inherit the conservatory when they purchase a property, so it’s essential to make the most of it.

One of the issues many people have is that the room can be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Still, if you can regulate the temperature and keep it a comfortable room, there are lots of ways you can use interior design to make it stylish and useable.

So, whether you want to use your conservatory for family time on a rainy day or to enjoy the warm sunshine on a cool spring day, here are some tips:

Bring the outside in

Blur the lines between outside and inside by cleverly using plants and foliage. Use structural shapes and tall leaves that reach the ceiling to brighten up empty corners. Deep green or navy velvet seating, dark walls, and rich green tones in plant leaves. You can also incorporate natural textures such as bamboo blinds, a sisal or jute rug and wood flooring to complete the look.

Manage the light 

With wall-to-wall windows, it’s crucial that you filter the light to make the room useable. Consider window blinds with blackout properties to make the room as comfortable as possible.

Choose the right décor

To make the room an authentic extension of your home, coordinate the décor with the room it connects to – usually the living room. By giving it a natural flow, you’ll give the room more purpose and make it a space you can use daily. Choosing the right décor, it’ll make it a much more inviting place to be and will maximise the appeal if you decide to sell.

As well as choosing comfortable non-conservatory style furniture, consider an audio or TV system so you can watch TV or listen to music but make sure you have a system in place to regulate the temperate so that the room doesn’t get too hot, which can damage electronics.

A splash of colour

A conservatory has limited walls that you can add colour to, so you’ll need to introduce colour with your furniture, soft furnishings and decorative items. You could use patterned blinds, colourful faux flowers or a colourful rug.


Create a focal point

Use an item of furniture such as a cosy armchair, swing seat or statement lamp to create a focal point for the room.

Smart homes attract a smart price!

Smart technology has transformed how we live and attracts a premium when the time comes to sell your home.

Smart home, smart price!

We have completely transformed our homes and the way we live with smart homes helping us to live a greener, more connected life.

According to recent research, properties with a high EPC rating can add as much as 16% to the sale price.

Making our homes greener is critical in ensuring Scotland reaches Net Zero by 2050 – as outlined at COP26. To that end, the UK and Scottish government are encouraging all homeowners to have an EPC rating of C by 2035, and all homes being rented out will be required to have a high rating.

When you sell your home, you’ll require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property. The higher the rating, the cheaper the energy bills, and so it can affect the value of the property. It can even affect the mortgage rate on the property as mortgage lenders offer incentives by way of lower rates, reduced fees or a higher borrowing capacity.

It’s believed that over the next ten years, having a high EPC rating will be just as important as fast broadband, location and décor, especially as it could become difficult to secure lending on a poorly rated home – or at least the rates could be much higher.

Ways to improve your EPC rating

Having green credentials is becoming increasingly critical when it comes to selling. For homes that have poor levels of insulation or inefficient heating systems, it could mean that the asking price will be negotiated for a discount. Features such as solar panels and air or ground source heat pumps are highly desirable features and are often searched for on property portals, helping your property get seen by the right people ready to buy.

The following changes can improve your EPC rating:

  • Double or triple-glazed windows
  •        Energy Efficient boiler
  • Air source heat pump
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Hybrid Air source heat pump
  • Biofuel fireplace
  • Cavity wall, loft and flooring insulation
  • Solar panels
  • Electric car charge point

Solar panels and air or ground source heat pumps have been more popular in Rightmove’s keyword sort tool on Rightmove. Searches for solar panels went up from position 500 in November 2020 to position 98 in June 2022, and heat pumps are now 190 compared to 1,000. Search terms such as ‘low carbon’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘renewable energy’ are being used more frequently by estate agents in property descriptions. Buyers are becoming more aware of renewable energy sources and green home improvements – and homes with these features can achieve high asking prices.

Sellers could reap the rewards for getting in early to make improvements as long as they make the right ones. If these changes aren’t made, they could have to factor in reductions to their asking price if the green features don’t match their buyer’s expectations.

Sellers with green home features can add around 16% to the value of their property, and this is in addition to the house prices rising since the pandemic.

Why December is a Great Time to Sell!

Are you Waiting Until the New Year to Sell Your Home?

The New Year marks new beginnings for many of us – and the property market usually sees a spike in activity after the Christmas festivities have ended.

Over the Christmas period, many of us are preoccupied with getting ready for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and then New Year’s Eve celebrations with shopping, cooking, family visits, nights out and spending time with loved ones.

One side effect of this is that people realise they could do with more space and a house that works better for them – especially as so many of us are working from home part or full-time. Add to that Christmas decorations, visitors and a Christmas tree taking up space – our homes can suddenly feel too small.

Every year Rightmove reports that they have seen record-breaking numbers of visitors to the portal – particularly on (believe it or not) Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years’ Day. Boxing Day traditionally marks the start of the home-buying season. Last year on Boxing Day, there were 54% more visitors on this day than in 2020, and this is a trend the portal has seen for the last five years.

The numbers are enormous – 51 million people visited Rightmove between December 26th and the first day back to work for many in January this year.

With this in mind, have you considered marketing your home before Christmas Day when fewer properties are on the market? We have noticed that more people than ever are starting to see the benefits of doing this.

Get ahead of the game

By marketing your home now rather than waiting until the New Year, you’ll capture people logging in on December 25th and 26th. Remember, last year, 51 million people were looking online at property – so it could pay to list your home for sale before, not after, the Boxing Day rush.

People often work until Christmas Eve, and estate agents are no different – but with everyone taking time off over the Christmas week, you could get your property up and ready for offers much quicker than in the New Year

Prep before selling

Another option to consider is to get your marketing materials ready for a New Year listing – we would be happy to delay marketing your home until after the festivities and get everything we need ready. In place now, it’s just a case of making the listing live. You can arrange your property valuation, instruct us and finalise the details of your property listing, so whenever you’re ready, we will put your home on the market. And if you don’t want to tidy up straight after Christmas, you could put your home on the market on Boxing Day but arrange for viewings to start in January, giving us time to generate interest in your property.

Get in a strong buying position

If you put your home up for sale between now and Christmas and can secure a buyer, you will be in a great position to offer a property in the New Year when it could be a competitive market. This could put you ahead if there are other offers.

Book a valuation today. 

House Prices in Scotland

The latest House Price Index from Zoopla shows that the average value of a UK home is £261,600, following price growth of 7.8% in the last twelve months. However, this varies across the regions.

The most inexpensive homes in the UK are in Scotland, to the west and south of Glasgow: Inverclyde, East Ayrshire and West Dunbartonshire have recorded the lowest house prices in the UK in November 2022 at just over £100,000.

It will be no surprise that the most expensive homes in the UK are located in London boroughs, with the average house in Kensington and Chelsea costing £1.2m.

The most expensive areas have seen lower growth over the last twelve months at just 3% in the face of expensive mortgage rates.

Here are some of the homes currently for sale at Caledonia Bureau:

Back Street, Renton G82 4NE West Dunbartonshire

Offers Over £299,995

Immaculately presented and extremely spacious three-bedroom Detached Bungalow. Accommodation consists; a reception hallway, lounge, dining kitchen, conservatory, cloakroom/WC, utility room, luxury bathroom, three bedrooms and loft space. Early viewings are Advised!

The Lade, Bonhill, Alexandria G83 9JR

Offers Over £245,000

Quietly set within modern select development and at the end of the cul de sac and on the banks of the River Leven lies this delightful four Bedroom Detached Villa with magnificent garden grounds.

Strathleven Drive, Bonhill, Alexandria G83 9PH West Dunbartonshire

Offers Over £219,995

Offered to the market an excellent internal order throughout its well laid out family accommodation, this executive Detached Villa has been extended to provide a pleasing and flexible layout which must be viewed to be appreciated.

Craiglomond Gardens, Balloch G83 8RP West Dunbartonshire

Offers Over £215,000

Offered to the market in good internal order throughout its four principal apartments, this rarely available Semi Detached Villa must be viewed internally to be appreciated. It is quietly situated within the sought-after Craiglomond development yet is within walking distance of Balloch where a wide array of shops and amenities are available.

Langfaulds Crescent, Faifley West Dunbartonshire

Offers Over £137,000

A lovely three bedroom mid-terrace villa with a superior setting in Faifley, facing onto a grassland area and backing onto open woodland. Spacious accommodation over two floors comprising: Spacious reception hallway with storage, lounge/dining room, refitted kitchen with integrated stainless steel oven, hob, hood and free standing dishwasher and washing machine. Upstairs to 3 double bedrooms with wardrobe or storage space, refitted WC/shower room with larger open shower area with lower level doors and a shower curtain.