Quick wins to add value to your home

Quick wins to add value to your home

Are you thinking of selling your home? Here are some quick wins to add value whilst keeping your budget down, helping you to maximise your profits and speed up the time it takes to sell.

Simple decorating solutions

The simplest and cheapest way to transform your home is to redecorate it with a fresh lick of paint. You can do this relatively cheaply if you steer away from designer paints; instead, find a colour you like and have it colour-matched in a low-cost, durable paint formula. Neutral colours are a safer option as they will brighten up a room, making it more extensive and spacious. Although dark colours are on-trend, they can make a home feel smaller.


We all live with minor problems like marks on the wall, tarnished door handles, squeaky floors, mouldy sealant, gaps in floors, broken drawers or scratched paintwork. However, these can give buyers the impression that a home is run down. Try and look at it with fresh eyes and fix any issues – if you have more significant problems, such as dampness or cracks, leave these so that they can be picked up during the survey; otherwise, you can run into difficulties post-sale. Snagging can include

Kerb appeal

The first impression is the most important. With that in mind, ensure your front door is in excellent condition. Consider painting it and buying new door furniture to freshen it up; flowers or plants can go a long way to make your home seem inviting. In addition, make sure you have a clear door number, your outside light works, the fencing is in good order, and you don’t have weeds growing in the front garden.


Remove clutter

Make sure your home is clean and tidy and that you have removed clutter, including bags, shoes, books, magazines, letters, children’s or pet’s toys and plants that have seen better days. If you have anything eclectic, move these out of sight. The aim is to ensure your buyer can see themselves living in the property.


Although we have an energy crisis and are all trying to keep our heating down, make sure your home isn’t cold during viewings. They want to know that your home is cosy and warm and that the central heating is working correctly.


Make sure the property is well-lit without being too stark. Nice warm white bulbs rather than fluorescent lighting are cosy and welcoming. Try to have viewings in daylight and ensure all windows are sparkling clean and curtains are opened to maximise the natural light that comes into the home.


As we’ve mentioned, ensure your front garden is clean, tidy and welcoming. Choose some lovely plant pots – remember you can take these to your new home. For the rear garden, try to demonstrate clear areas for seating and eating, a lawn or play area for children and make sure it looks private, safe and secure with suitable fencing. Trim all the borders, clean the pathways and remove anything overgrown, especially if it affects the light coming into the property. Finally, if you have a summer house, make sure you show it off to its full potential – you could even dress it as an office.

Smart home technology

Smart technology is a must-have for many, especially as it helps you to be more energy efficient. Consider installing a Nest or Hive system and get fibre broadband if it’s available in your area.

Your bathroom

Ensure your bathroom is fresh and clean, and remove all traces of mould or limescale. If you have old taps that have seen better days, consider replacing them with new ones. You could also paint the tiles and replace the shower curtain or screen to smarten it up. Finally, put some scented diffusers in the room and use a nice hand wash.

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