How to Use Your Conservatory Year-Round

How to Use Your Conservatory Year-Round

Many homes in Scotland have a conservatory – it is a great way to bring light into your home and give you a relatively inexpensive additional room which can be used as a sitting room, playroom, sunroom or even a dining room. Many people inherit the conservatory when they purchase a property, so it’s essential to make the most of it.

One of the issues many people have is that the room can be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Still, if you can regulate the temperature and keep it a comfortable room, there are lots of ways you can use interior design to make it stylish and useable.

So, whether you want to use your conservatory for family time on a rainy day or to enjoy the warm sunshine on a cool spring day, here are some tips:

Bring the outside in

Blur the lines between outside and inside by cleverly using plants and foliage. Use structural shapes and tall leaves that reach the ceiling to brighten up empty corners. Deep green or navy velvet seating, dark walls, and rich green tones in plant leaves. You can also incorporate natural textures such as bamboo blinds, a sisal or jute rug and wood flooring to complete the look.

Manage the light 

With wall-to-wall windows, it’s crucial that you filter the light to make the room useable. Consider window blinds with blackout properties to make the room as comfortable as possible.

Choose the right décor

To make the room an authentic extension of your home, coordinate the décor with the room it connects to – usually the living room. By giving it a natural flow, you’ll give the room more purpose and make it a space you can use daily. Choosing the right décor, it’ll make it a much more inviting place to be and will maximise the appeal if you decide to sell.

As well as choosing comfortable non-conservatory style furniture, consider an audio or TV system so you can watch TV or listen to music but make sure you have a system in place to regulate the temperate so that the room doesn’t get too hot, which can damage electronics.

A splash of colour

A conservatory has limited walls that you can add colour to, so you’ll need to introduce colour with your furniture, soft furnishings and decorative items. You could use patterned blinds, colourful faux flowers or a colourful rug.


Create a focal point

Use an item of furniture such as a cosy armchair, swing seat or statement lamp to create a focal point for the room.