Reasons why you should choose a local agent when selling property

Keep value locally

Do you value your local community and high street? By using a local property like Caledonia Property, you keep business in your community; you support local employment and investment in the area.

We work with local trades people, support local clubs and donate to local charities, rather than send the money to a remotecorporate headquarter.

An upfront fee represents a risk for you

When selling with Caledonia Property, our fee is paid only upon the successful sale of your home. But if you pay a relatively small upfront fee you take on a risk – maybe you end up unhappy with the support provided, your home does not achieve the level of interest expected, or struggles to sell. But by now you are already invested and have paid the fee that seemed small to begin with but turns out to be a rather hefty price for an unsuccessful sale.

Don’t take shortcuts when selling the most valuable asset you’ll ever own.

We provide an independent, ethical service

At Caledonia Property, we would neverdemand that you use a specific solicitor or mortgage company to arrange detailsof your property transaction, these practices are usually linked to unethical kickbacks that in the end mean a higher cost for you and should raise a big question mark for you.

Support and advice from day one

As we are only paid upon the successful sale of your home, we are vitally motivated to do our best in handling your property sale. From photography, viewings, negotiations and all the way to delivering the property keys, we are a reliable, objective advisor you can count on.

Are you ready to tackle uncomfortable price negotiations and thorny questions about your beloved home? We are trained, experienced estate agents who understand the importance of the slightest of wordsin negotiating a sale and are confident we can achieve a successful sale.

The simple fact our Clydebank and Dumbarton branches are the number one agents locally according to recent Rightmove stats on number of instructions and agreed sales speaks volumes of our reputation and the trust clients put in us.

For both sellers and buyers, we are only a phone call away: 0333 241 3333.

As one of West of Scotland’s longest established estate agents, we’ve helped families across the country buy, rent, let and sell properties quickly, and with the minimum of hassle. Get in touch with our team on 0333 241 3333 today or send us a message to find out more.