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What’s Most Likely to Put Buyers Off Your Home?

Dismayed that your home is still on the market or preparing yours to sell? The folks at Go Compare.com Home Insurance recently carried out a survey into the top turnoffs for potential buyers, giving invaluable insight into the priorities of many when it comes to buying their next property. Take a read through the top ten reasons viewers pass on property to ensure yours isn’t making any major faux pas for viewers coming through the door.


Damp is a signal there are deeper, structural issues with your property such as leaking roofs, chimneys or gutters, which can be difficult and expensive to fix. It’s not a surprise that 70% of people said this was their top turn off, meaning if stained walls, damp patches and smells were noticed, they would keep on house hunting.

Repairs needing done

Besides the keenest DIY lovers looking for a project, viewing a home that’s in need of lots of work is off-putting to most. Time consuming not to mention costly, if people are looking for a live-in condition property, as opposed to a doer-upper investment, it makes sense to get work completed before you put your home on the market.

No garden

57% of people reported that not having a garden was a deal-breaking in terms of whether they would put an offer on a home or not. All the more reason to give yours a tidy up before viewings and make sure to encourage people to have a look around outside. If you don’t have a garden, have information about local parks, green spaces and allotments to hand in case viewers are looking for outdoor space.


We all get used to the smell of our own home, so much so we can’t smell it anymore! If you smoke or have pets in particular, be vigilant about airing out your property and aim to get rid of any off-putting smells before viewers come in – you might need to clean carpets or furniture too. 

No parking space

The thought of driving in circles to find a parking space after work is enough to put 56% of people off buying your home. Most households have at least one car, some more than that, and so parking space is vital not to mention saves on insurance premiums. If you don’t have a driveway or allocated parking, make a selling point from handy transport links nearby or other plus points

Bad lighting

A dark and dingy home is just not inviting. Though you may have a dark hallway or a windowless bathroom, make sure you think through the lighting in these areas using overhead lights and strategically placed lamps to help keep your home warm and welcoming. Make the most of access to natural light where possible.

Unfinished renovations

If you have given up on a renovation project halfway through, don’t think that you’ll have lots of people looking to finish the work. 54% of people said the thought of inheriting lots of work to do, especially someone else’s unfinished plan, was off-putting not to mention a financial worry for the future.

Lacking space

People like to get fair floor space for their money and so a very small place, unless reflected in the asking price, will leave many feeling cheated. Open plan living is still very much the preferred, popular style and something smaller and cosier is just too claustrophobic for some. If you have a small place, think about targeting single professionals or downsizers and make sure the space is as organised as possible to maximise its potential.

Small kitchen

The heart of the home for many is the kitchen and families increasingly are looking for a second living space here, complete with a dining area for family breakfasts or weekend dinner parties. If your kitchen is small, is there possibility to extend it or do you have a dining room or larger living room you could showcase instead?

Damaging DIY

The love of weekend DIY for many out shadows their skill and before you know it you can do more damage than good to your property! Shoddy plastering, squint skirting and patchy painting – badly-done home improvements are number 10 on the list of turn-offs, so perhaps it’s time to put the paint brush down!

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