5 Ways to Save On Your Energy Bills

Are you one of the many homeowners dead tired of the rising energy bills? By slightly changing your habits and routines you can slowly reduce your energy bills to more budget-friendly levels. Here we mention five ways you can save on your energy bills.

1.    Cardigans, Please!

Heating is a major contributor towards energy bills, which is why it is imperative to cut down on it to see a reduction on your bills. The best way to reduce heating expenditures is to wear cardigans when you are home. Most families set the heating at 20 degrees Celsius and move with a blouse or a t-shirt on. So, get your cardigans on to get your heating bills down.

2.    Lights Off!

Lighting accounts for more than 20 percent of the overall electricity expenditure in the UK. Thus, to reduce electricity costs, it is advised that you shut all the excess lights off.

3.    Boiler Efficiency

Replacing an old worked up boiler for a newer one can result in numerous benefits. You will be surprised to find out the decrease in energy bills once you replace your old boiler for a more up to date, energy efficient one. But if a replacement is not in the books, maintenance can still help. Making sure your boiler is in ship shape not only helps you avoid unpleasant surprises – like having no heat on Christmas day, but can also help make sure it works at the best of its potential.

4.    Switch Providers

Shopping around annually for the best available deal can make surprising differences to your energy bills. Nowadays, it is fairly straightforward to compare rates with an online comparison website, find the best deal and switch providers.

5.    Check Your Progress

An energy monitor can help you keep track of where and how you use energy, so you can switch off the biggest consumers or swap them for more energy efficient ones.

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