5 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Busy Family

Spring is traditionally the season when we get rid of the old and start a new page. The sunshine will remind you of the dust gathered on your windows and the garden will beg for some attention and love.

No matter how big or small our homes are, we all need a space to relax and unwind – and a tidy home makes for a more peaceful oasis from the stress of every day life.

We have put together 5 useful tips heard from professional cleaners to help you up your spring cleaning game.

1.     Have a strategy. The worst thing that can happen is you having to clean twice because you’ve put muddy wellies in the shower after cleaning the bathroom spotless. Some people swear by starting with the bedrooms and leaving bathrooms and kitchen last. Whatever you decide, having a game plane makes a difference.

2.     Have a method. Professional cleaners will start cleaning your kitchen in a general clockwise direction. Start with a corner of a room and work your way across it. Select the right tools for each room, use laundry baskets and a caddy for your cleaning products that you can move from room to room, it will save you endless trips.

3.     Use the right tools for the job. Having a set of essential tools and products needs not be expensive. You can make your own homemade basic cleaning products and go back to grandmother’s recipes by using vinegar, baking soda and other cheap household products to kill germs and remove lingering smells.

4.     Make yourself a checklist – and delegate! Spring cleaning for a family home mustn’t be a one man (or woman) job! Make sure all the family gets involved. Once you have a list of things to tackle, delegate small repairs, making a box of toy donations, decluttering an old shelf or just putting laundry in the basket – people of all ages should be allowed a small contribution to the task list.

5.     Don’t forget to have fun! Put some upbeat music on, sing and dance around. A good game can be “Beat the clock” where you put the timer on and try to convince kids to accomplish their task before the timer goes off. The house will sparkle in no time at all and the whole family will feel better for it.

What are your spring cleaning tips? Don’t forget to share your tips with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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