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Winter Interior Design Projects

Now we are in the thick of winter; it’s time to start thinking about getting our home ready for Christmas and the New Year. It’s also a perfect time to undertake some DIY we spend more time at home, and we still have time before the festivities.

Revamp your décor

This year it’s all about deep tones and dark colours paired with clean Scandanavian lines and neutral colours and fabrics. Interior design is calm and cosy so think of your home as a blank canvas on which you can make your mark and give your home the wow factor. Wallpaper or paint one wall with deep colours or go the whole hog and paint the whole room. Choose a deep-coloured sofa in plush velvet for a cosy feel, and consider patterned tiles for your hallway or kitchen. Your Christmas decorations and fairy lights will further add to the cosy feel. It’s all about being brave and giving your home a new lease on life.

Make your home cosy for Christmas

With the days much shorter, this is the perfect month to make your home warm and cosy. The living room is the best place to start, as families spend time chatting and watching TV. Consider a wood burner or biofuel fireplace to save on energy bills and fit double or triple-glazed windows. Keep the heat in and keep your energy costs down. You can also look at thick heavy curtains, a soft rug and some nice throws to snuggle up with in the evenings. Remember not to cover your radiators with furniture or thick curtains.


Decluttering is a great way to transform your home; it not only creates more space, but it also means you can rid your home of any unloved and unused items. You could even make money by selling things you don’t use for extra Christmas funds. This exercise does take some self-control as you’ll need to be ruthless in getting rid of things that you don’t use often enough.

Create more space

If you have a lack of space in your home, it could be more economical to create more space than to move. For what it costs in land tax and moving fees, you could get a conservatory or loft extension. Not only will you have more space, you’ll also add value to your home.

First impressions count!

By improving the entrance to your home, you’ll help give people a better first impression when they visit – or when you come to sell. By replacing your front door, it not only looks great, it will also improve security along with your energy efficiency.

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