First Impressions Count

The first thing that potential buyers see when they enter your home is your hallway – that’s why it’s essential that you make a great first-impression.

Using colour

When choosing a colour for your hallway walls – whether it’s paint or wallpaper – make sure it works with your other rooms to create a flow.

For small hallways choose pale colours that make it feel bigger and brighter – especially if you live in a Victorian property where the hallway can often appear dark and narrow. If you have a wide spacious hallway, consider using colours such as olive green, petrol blue or dark grey so that your adjacent rooms appear more spacious and brighter in comparison.

Hallways can experience the most footfall in the home and walls can become knocked and marked, so choose paint or wallpaper than can be wiped clean. Alternatively, white, or coloured wall panelling is a good option.


If you have the space, a nice piece of vintage or functional furniture can be both attractive and functional. Consider a chest for bags and shoes or pretty hooks for coats. If you have a larger hall a console table this can be used for a lamp for extra lighting and a mirror is a great way to make it appear bigger. Flowers can also be a nice decorative touch, especially if you are selling your home and want to make it look inviting and a key tray can keep things neat and tidy.

If your hallway is narrow and you need storage space, you may want to install shelving to keep the floorspace clear.

Wall decor

Try not to clutter up the walls with pictures – instead carefully place paintings, prints or photographs on a gallery wall. You could also consider wall lights if your space is dark. Remember that large paintings will draw the room in whereas mirrors will reflect the space and make it appear wider.


Given that your hallway will have lots of footfall and dirt and grit will be walked in, choose a hardwearing floor that can withstand scrapes, scuffs, and dirt. Avoid carpet or natural fibres as these cannot be cleaned and will stain easily. If you have your heart set on a carpet, choose a polypropylene carpet that can be cleaned with bleach and chemicals to keep it clean. A hard floor is much easier to maintain, and you could add warmth by using a carpet or stair runner on your staircase.

A luxury vinyl floor is a great option especially if you have children and pets as it is a hardwearing, non-slip, water resistant option.

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