prepare your property for a swift autumn sale

Prepare your home for a swift autumn sale

The autumn of 2020 is not exactly what we were expecting at the beginning of the year, but there are a couple of good news to report: firstly, demand for property is still high and we have active registered buyers looking for homes of all shapes and sizes. Secondly, the 0% LBTT rate for property of up to £250,000 is applicable until 31 March 2021, so there is an opportunity for significant savings in tax.

The third bit of good news comes from glorious nature – with headlines announcing it will be a spectacular autumn full of rich colours and scattered sunny days. This can only make for a perfect backdrop for that essential first photo of your property listing.

So here are three essential tips for taking advantage of the current market conditions and go for a swift property sale this autumn.

Strategically align your objectives

If you are looking to buy another property, make sure you are in a good position to move quickly and make an offer; in the current competitive market, it is generally best to secure a buyer for your property first so that your offer for the next property is considered solid and has a competitive edge. Thinking strategically ahead and chatting to our team can help put you in the best position to achieve your property goals as quickly and stress-free as possible. We can advise on what your options are so you make the best decision for your circumstances and also help negotiate an entry date with all parties so you have clear short term plans.

Use the seasonal backdrop to create an inspiring setting

prepare your property for a swift autumn sale

Work with the light, arrange seasonal flowers either outside in pots or on the dining table, organise gentle lights and a warm atmosphere for a welcoming, seasonal look. As nights are getting longer, try and organize viewings during daylight, as much as possible. Use fragrance to entice your buyers – be it the aroma of freshly baked cookies or bread or a seasonal, subtle candle. Keep in mind that while there is a market for renovation projects, there is proven steady demand for properties that look in good decorative order where buyers can see themselves moving right in and settling quickly. So where practical and possible, tackle cosmetic jobs to put the property in the best possible light.

Leverage market trends

With so many people working from home and more rules around social distancing looming for months to come, there is increasing demand for homes allowing working space. So if there is the possibility to highlight an office nook or a separate room, take the effort to organize it to guide buyers’ imagination. Garden space is in high demand as well as good quality broadband so leverage these aspects to your best advantage, where possible. An inviting outdoor space, updated information on local broadband availability and all the other small things that can turn a buyer from interested in keen.

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