Home Reports explained

The law in Scotland requires everyone marketing their property to have a Home Report issued by a surveyor. Not observing this law will put you in a position of incurring a hefty fine, that is why we recommend accredited surveyors to all our clients.

The Home Report consists of four documents:

A single survey providing a report on the condition of the property, with categories being rated from 1 to 3, where a grading of 1 means no action is needed, while a grading of three means urgent repairs are needed immediately.

A mortgage valuation certificate in which the surveyor provides a market valuation of the property for lending purposes, which is useful for potential buyers who apply for financing.

An energy report in which the energy efficiency of the property is rated. This has become increasingly important to buyers over the years, because of the wide array of properties available out there, so getting your energy report up will most likely add to the desirability of your home.

A property questionnaire that the home owner is required to complete with further information on the property, like council tax band, etc.

Once the surveyor has visited you for an inspection and you completed the property questionnaire, a draft report is issued to you. You can then read through all its findings and correct any potential errors. Once you’ve approved the Home Report, the file will be available to anyone requesting it and we keep records of anyone enquiring for it in order to track any interested parties.

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