Pishing property sales to fast completion

How to ensure your property transaction gets to completion quickly

It is one of the major pain points for sellers, buyers and estate agencies alike – property transaction times add unnecessary stress and impact plans for everyone. As an estate agency, we are very motivated to push sales through to completion faster as we only get paid upon the successful sales of your property.

With an average of 53 days to secure a buyer and 111 days to progress that buyer to completion in 2019, according to property portal Rightmove, our team works hard to ensure your property journey goes smoothly and quickly.

Here are a few aspects that can significantly improve on transaction times and get you through the sale process with minimum hassle.

Sort out ownership and property plans

As a seller, make sure you sort out ownership issues ahead of putting the house on the market. For a small fee you can check the Land Registry to check boundaries, gardens and attics are all correctly reflected in existing documentation. If anything is amiss, be proactive and get in touch with your solicitor to rectify any non-compliance; that will avoid delays later in the process.

Check all guarantees and certificates for property alterations are in order. If you have carried out significant renovation to your property, you might need to make sure you have all necessary documents that reflect the work carried out has been according to Building Regulations.

Clarify your financing options

As a buyer, it helps being proactive in tackling financing issues, and sorting out your current home ownership status. If you need to sell your current property before moving on, we do recommend you list your home and secure a buyer before placing an offer on a different property. That will cut waiting times and potential complications.

Check and double check documentation

Human error happens, that is why it is important you check and double check all documentation sent to solicitors. From names being spelled correctly and all information being verified and correct, that can further prevent delays.

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