Property viewing

The Ins and Outs of Property Viewings

When it comes to property viewings, there can be a lot at stake. There’s wanting to show your property in its best light and answer any questions from potential buyers to their satisfaction when you are trying to sell. Or, on the flip side, remembering to ask all the important questions and making a good impression on those who could be accepting your offer in the not too distant future.

It makes sense to go in prepared, so here are a few key pointers to keep in mind, whether you are looking to buy, sell or both.


Get tidy & organised

Prepare your home as best possible when putting it on the market, including any DIY jobs and repairs that can be easily carried out and giving a fresh lick of pain where necessary. It’s a good idea to declutter, depersonalise and keep rooms neutral as it helps potential buyers picture themselves living there rather than feeling like they are intruding in someone else’s home.

Give viewers space

Keep viewers from feeling rushed or like they encroaching on others by making sure to give them space to look around. Think about passing on kids and pets to a family member or friend whilst you know viewers are coming around, and once you have given them a tour of the property, give them some time to go over the place again themselves. Invite them to try fixtures, look inside cupboards and take a look around the garden and garage too. Make sure you are within earshot to answer any questions and be prepared to not only be quizzed on your property, but on local schools, amenities and neighbours too! The more positive the viewing experience, the better the chance of a sale.

Be professional

Keep a professional, friendly demeanour and avoid over-selling – viewers may question this and wonder why you are so desperate to sell!


Take notes

Properties can shift fast so it bodes well to be organised when it comes to viewings. You are likely to be looking at multiple properties, and an individual home is likely to have multiple viewers, so keeping a few notes to jog your memory helps keep an accurate note of what exactly you liked, didn’t like and helps decipher the right home for you so you can make an offer before being pipped to the post.

Steer away from negotiations

A viewing is not the right time or place to start negotiating directly with the homeowner. It’s not professional and could make all parties uncomfortable or even cause offence, especially if you go in lower than asking price. When it comes to such a big purchase, these details should be handled via your estate agent.

Keep opinions to yourself

Remember this is someone’s home and though it may not be to your taste, go easy on any feedback on this. Any repairs, changes, updating you feel might need done, make a mental note of instead. Offending the seller is not the best way to go about getting your offer accepted – you want to aim for a respectful, friendly rapport. 

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