Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

As we head towards spring, it’s a good time to get planning some of those renovation projects you have been putting off. When thinking about bathroom renovations in particular, which need to be both eye pleasing and highly functional, there are a few important aspects to remember. Like kitchens, bathrooms are harder and more expensive for potential buyers to replace, and could be a real deal-breaker, so planning and careful consideration goes a long way when it comes to bathroom updates.


Bathrooms need to be highly functional and serve their purpose well. Consider the space you have and use this as your starting point for what you can incorporate – small spaces may have to forgo the bathtub in favour of a shower for example. When it comes to doing work DIY style, it can be easy to make silly mistakes such as forgetting to leave room for the shower door to open easily or putting the toilet roll holder out with arms reach of the toilet, so measure carefully before you order and install items!

Not enough storage

From towels to toiletries and toilet paper, there is plenty to store away in a bathroom and storage space should also reflect the size of your household too. Space for bathroom units, over sink cabinets and shelving should be allocated into plans from the outset, with appropriate storage space adding to the functionality of any bathroom and making life easier overall. Remember that privacy can be beneficial for bathroom storage, hiding away any personal items and medications you don’t want on display, and can also help with a less cluttered look.

Last minute lighting

Again, the planning stages of the bathroom are important and lighting considerations should also be on your list. You may want a variety of options – a brighter light over a bathroom mirror to help with plucking eyebrows for instance and a more subtle option for soaking in the tub. Making adjustments to lighting when planning is much easier to fix that discovering you left the toilet in the dark at the end of a project.

Forgetting ventilation

Not quite as exciting as choosing your ideal suite or tile colour but a very important consideration nonetheless, with good ventilation making your bathroom comfortable to use and protecting from the development of mould and mildew which could quickly ruin a new bathroom. A combination of natural and artificial ventilation is best, so aim for at least a small window and a high-quality ventilation fan that is big enough for the size of your bathroom.

Using unsuitable materials

Good ventilation will help, but bathrooms are still wet places and materials need to be durable and waterproof. The more porous a material is, the more susceptible it will be to problems of mould, mildew and warping. Carpets in bathrooms are often a no-no for example, being too good at soaking up all that moisture and wallpaper also peels, though there are now wallpapers on the market designed to give longevity in a bathroom environment. Porcelain, tiles, laminate floors and countertops and paint for walls are all safer, more long-lasting options.

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