Are You a “Property Addict”?

Do you spend time weekly or daily looking at homes for sale and dreaming? Well, there is a new study confirm what we all knew all along – that you are not alone indulging in house hunting as a hobby.

As many as one in two people in the UK admit to being dream searchers and one in five admit to being “property addicts” spending time searching property every single day. We all do enjoy taking a sneak peek into the home for sale down the road, but also dreaming of what our ideal forever home would be, don’t we?! The research on property dreamers was published by Strata Homes, here is some further insight.

Most likely to browse and dream are men and women aged 35 to 44 years, with 66% of women and 54% of men admitting to practising house hunting as a hobby and spending 30 minutes daily or more simple searching online for beautiful homes.

More than one in tree dream searchers admitted to constantly looking at property that is beyond their budget. You might be thinking that is a waste of time, but further insight proves that most dreamers are motivated by their searches to save and work harder in order to make their dream of owning a beautiful aspirational home a reality. Now we think that is a noble activity with a fantastic motivational outcome!

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