Should You Be Moving or Improving This Autumn?

It can be hard to decide whether the time is right to make a property move. It may be something that you have been considering for a while, either looking to move to a bigger family home or downsize to a retirement property. Or, market conditions might mean that financially it would make good sense for you to either sell up or stay put. Sometimes home improvement sounds like the better choice. But is it? We consider the key points to keep in mind below.

First step – know the value of your home

First things first, if you don’t have an accurate idea of what your property is worth, having your home valued can help you decide whether it’s the right time to move or whether a few improvements could make a big difference to how much your home could sell for in the future. Approach a reputable estate agent who can accurately place a value on your home in the current market and in its current state. Once you have this knowledge and have discussed any plans with your estate agent, you will be in a better position to decide on your next step, helping to safe guard from any potential losses. At Caledonia Bureau, we provide free, no obligation valuations for property owners in the west of Scotland, applying our extensive local knowledge and expertise to provide an accurate home value, as well as providing advice on how to increase value for homeowners.

Moving – pros and cons

This year we have enjoyed a steady sellers’ market across Scotland, with mortgage approval levels being up and interest rates being very low, providing the ideal climate for anyone thinking of selling. If the value of your home has grown and there is lots of buyer interest in your area, it may well be the right time to sell up. You may even choose to sell when you had previously not considering it a serious option, taking advantage of high property values and increasing demand from buyers. Releasing capital can make sense financially, enabling you to invest or otherwise spend, perhaps buying a bigger property. If you have been hoping to move for a while, steady market conditions may mean that the time is finally right for you to find your next dream home – speak to your local estate agent for their opinion and to start making plans. For those who decide to sell, here’s some advice from us on how to prepare your home for a quick, successful sale.

Improving – pros and cons

Seeing your own home with fresh eyes can be difficult, so approaching a good local estate agent for an up-to-date valuation and home improvement advice on the best ways to boost value should be your starting point.

Look at your property as a whole, considering not only interiors but how the exterior space provides that hugely important first impression. Remember gardens can add a whopping 20 per cent valuewhen well-maintainedAlongside boosting curb appeal, home improvement priorities in terms of keeping surveyors happy, include making sure any structural issues are resolved – a top priority. Structural repairs, such as roof leaks and cracks in walls, tiles or beams, are likely to be amongst the most expensive work required in a renovation project but, in terms of adding value, they are absolutely essential. If your structure is sound, adding to living space with a loft conversion, extension or conservatory can also add significant value if well executed on budget. Kitchens, the heart of the home for many, should also be a priority when it comes to home improvements and working with what you already have. Updates to work surfaces, tiling and flooring and improvements to the layout of a kitchen can make a huge difference – just keep in budget matching to the rest of your home as a high spec kitchen in a mid-value home will only lose you money. Completing small jobs and giving a fresh lick of paint can all make a big impact on viewer interest too.

If looking to add value, doing your home improvements on a careful budget is encouraged and this often means taking on any projects DIY style and saving on costly contractors. Be honest with yourself and ask whether you have the time, skills and knowledge required (plus the patience!) to tackle improvement projects yourself and if not, do you have enough in the budget to hire professionals and, importantly, still be adding value? For those tackling jobs themselves, here are a few DIY tips to help keep you planned, prepared and safe.

As one of the West of Scotland’s longest-standing estate agents, we have had lots of experience managing the ups and downs of the housing market in recent times, so you can be confident you’ll be in safe hands when working with us. With an expert team by your side and a variety of properties on offer, including both property to let and homes for sale, Caledonia Bureau are confident that we can match you with the right home. Give our friendly team a call today, choosing from our offices in Clydebank, Helensburgh, Dumbarton and Paisley.  

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