How to Boost Your Property Value with Your Garden

According to The Telegraph, a well-kept garden can add whopping 20 per cent to the value of your home. Gardens are viewed increasingly by potential buyers as an extension of the home and should be well maintained and invested in to achieve maximum value of any property. When it comes to a property viewing ‘must-have check list’, a garden is often near the top of the list, and pretty properties with south facing gardens get snapped up especially quickly. Whatever outdoor space you have, take inspiration from some of these simple steps to create the most appealing garden possible, helping to boost your overall property value.

Basic maintenance: Before investing in your garden, start with what you have. Basic weeding, pruning, planting and mowing will get it looking the best it can, leaving you to fill with plants, colourful ceramic pots and furniture as you see fit. Keep an eye out for fences that could do with a lick of paint, paving stones that would benefit from a good clean and any garden ornaments that look particularly weathered too.

Simplicity: People can be put off by the time and money involved in the upkeep of fancy, landscaped gardens. If you have an abundance of lawn, break it up with paved or decking areas, flower beds or rockeries that will take the edge of the mowing duties.

Privacy – Erecting fences, walls or planting hedges create shelter and privacy, particularly important on residential estates and gardens in more built up areas. Being able to relax and utilise a garden in fair weather is the whole point of a garden for many.

Create space – Just as acres of land might be off-putting for some, a tiny garden may seem disappointing to others. There are tricks that can make even the smallest garden feel bigger such as using tall, thin plants and climbing plants to create a sort of optical illusion as well as allowing more light in. Storing away bulky equipment like furniture and barbeques frees up space too. Any small garden requires some careful planning to make sure you are using the right materials and maximising the space as best possible – there are lots of ideas online to help you do this.

Sheds & outhouses – Potential buyers love the flexibility and additional space that sheds and outhouses provide. Not just for Dad DIY enthusiasts, the garden shed has been transformed of late into something altogether more stylish – more like a mini log cabin for your backyard, where you can spend real time relaxing. If you have the space for it, an outside structure can certainly add appeal and value.

Decking vs paved patio – Most people will be looking for a garden that combines both lawn and non-grassy areas. Your two main options are decking and paving, though gravel, bark or slate chippings are also an option too. Though decking is popular and attractive, it does take a beating, especially in the UK’s climate, making it more difficult to keep looking its best. Paved patios are definitely sturdier – just remember to invest as much as you would for any quality hard flooring inside your home.

Outdoor seating and dining areas – Again this ties into the idea of creating flow with the rest of your indoor living space, maximising your garden as somewhere you can really use and enjoy. Consider creating an al fresco kitchen and dining area to score top points with viewers. A portable BBQ just doesn’t cut it for many nowadays, as separate buildings or sheds containing kitchen and/or dining space outside the house are becoming more popular and are very attractive to buyers.

Lighting – For those late night summer parties and outdoor dinners you are going to need some outdoor lighting. A bit of thought and planning into this can help create a really atmospheric space and help to showcase your garden at night time property viewings too. You can use anything from lanterns and fairy lights to spot lights and light-up pot plants.

Fancy features – Things like built-in BBQs, pizza ovens and hot tubs really can provide the wow-factor as long as your garden space is suitable and these extra features don’t crowd it.  If you plan to move, keep in mind who likely would be interested in your property and whether these extra touches might appeal. When it comes to bigger investments like swimming pools, though they provide a luxurious touch, pools can be massively expensive to upkeep and conjure up safety concerns for families with young children too.

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