5 Tips to Make the Most of Small Spaces

When it comes to small homes, every inch counts. The trend for minimalist living has been growing in popularity and is a concept that is especially practical for compact apartments and smaller homes. Less is often more!  But creating a cosy, charming interior is an art form where some planning is needed. It’s all about being thoughtful and creative in finding space you didn’t know you had. Here are some tips to keep in mind when utilising precious space in a small home.

Edit and Curate

They used to be techniques reserved to art galleries and fashion boutiques, but the words to define living in small spaces are: edit and curate. Take stock of the things throughout your home that you don’t need or use regularly and find a new home for them by storing them, gifting to others, selling or donating to charity shops – a great first step when trying to create more space. Throughout your home, the aim should be to keep your unique personality and style shining through, without creating clutter.

Thoughtful furniture

Be thoughtful with placement of furniture and only keep what you intend to use often – too much furniture will further limit your space and get in the way. Arranging couches and settees away from the walls and in a cosy grouping will help make your living room feel bigger overall.  Swap bulky coffee tables for armchair perches that sit on the arm of chairs, keeping your cup of tea handy. Multi-use furniture works a treat in small homes, such as an ottoman with shelving compartments acting as a foot rest, soft coffee table and a storage space for books or DVDs. Create a cosy corner nook, with additional hidden storage beneath the seats as an extra bonus.

Space saving, multipurpose storage

Kitchens can be kept clutter free by utilising wall space and storing utensils, pots and pans on shelves and hanging racks. A thin pull-out kitchen cupboard, with multiple shelves or racks, keeps supplies within easy reach and well organised whilst taking up just a sliver of space. When bookcases are too bulky, try shelving made out of slim pieces of moulding which are slim enough to use up space behind doors. Small hallways needn’t be neglected – create a space to drop keys or place the landline phone by cutting a reclaimed table in half and securing to the wall with brackets. Storage benches and wall mounted hooks also take care of jackets, shoes and other hallway clutter. Efficient built in storage in the bedroom uses every inch available, using space above headboards and under-the-bed drawers, again cutting the clutter that’s so easy to accumulate when you are tight for space.

Think above the eye line

We sometimes lose sight of the space that is not at eye level and don’t make the most of ceilings, top of wardrobes or the space above doors. High mounted or hanging shelves, beautiful storage boxes on top of your wardrobe, think of using the space all the way to the ceiling in interesting and useful ways.

Mix up the décor and keep it light

Colour coordination can actually trick the eye into thinking a room is smaller than it is, especially when dark colours are used. A light base on your walls accessorised by a few pops of colour in your soft furnishings can create an airy feel with bags of charm and character. Lighting is important too and can help create the illusion of more space. Compliment overhead lighting with strategically placed lamps to illuminate the corners of your rooms and attach lighting fixtures to walls to save on even more floor space. Mirrors can also trick the eye, helping to reflect natural light when well placed.

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